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MD-3022  1
MD-3022  2
  • Equipped with 7 inches and pixel of 1024*600 touchable LCD.

  • Each channel is configured with an independent color screen shows the working state.

  • Equipped with motorized fader.

  • Advanced 22 channels mixing console with 2 ways stereo input and 10 built-in AUX output.

  • Abundant mixing effect.

  • Each input is equipped with 5 EQ, high-pass filter, noise gate, dynamic compression, reverse phase function and time delay.

  • High power floating decimal DSP technology and high resolution 24 bit A/D and D/A convertor to ensure unlimited internal dynamic range.

  • 192KHZ sample frequency with compressing and time delay.

  • Connect with PC by WIFI/USB port

  • Suitable for stages, pubs, KTV rooms, large conference rooms and etc.

  • SNR:MIC:113db, MUSIC:115db

  • THD:0.005%20Hz~20KHz)

  • Frequency response:20Hz~20KHz3dB

  • Max input level:MIC: -11.2dbuMUSIC: +2.73dbu

  • Max output level:MIC:+14.8dbuMUSIC: +14.8dbu

  • Input impedance:MIC:10K Ohm, MUSIC: 22K Ohm

  • Output impedance:300 Ohm

  • DSP:32bit

  • AD/DA:192KHz 24bit

  • Supply voltage:AC 220V / 50Hz ±10%

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