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  • Equipped with 2.4 inches and pixel of 240*320 colorful screen, shows the supply voltage temperature, audio signal etc.

  • Brushed aluminum front panel with unique streamline design.

  • Perfect dynamic, comprehensive current limit, over load and chopped protection.

  • Intelligent-controlling fan for radiating.

  • AI insert and SMT automated technique for strict control the quality of the products.

  • Adopt A class standard silicon steel sheet and fine copper high-powered toroidal transformer, linear power supply to achieve perfect sound.

  • Adopt original high-powered enthusiast Toshiba audio tube, to achieve driving bass, mellow alto and clear treble.

  • With USA branded twin tube, to avoid error caused by component matching.

  • Suitable for large stages, pubs and conference rooms etc.


RMS STEREO:            900W*2/8Ω          


BRIDGE:                2800W/8Ω           

Frequency response:   20Hz-20KHz(+-0.2dB)            

Output circuitry:      2-tier Class H                     

THD:< 0.1%


Damping factor:>200 


Voltage gain:40dB

Input impedance:Balance 20KΩ/ Unbalance 10KΩ

Amplifier and load protection:soft boot, DC, short circuit, over load, overheat, overvoltage limiter.

Input connectors:Female XLR Type/ Male XLR Type.

Output connectors:NL4 sockets, binding posts.


Supply voltage:AC220V / 50Hz+-10%

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Lannge PA-3900 PA-3132 Manual

Lannge PA-3900 PA-3132 Manual

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