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  • Optional UHF band (range: 550.000-980.000 MHz).

  • Digital audio transmission technology with 16 bit ID pilot to avoid interference even same frequency.

  • Intelligent encryption technology.

  • Automatically scan function for available frequencies and matching with IR.

  • TFT on the receiver.

  • Intelligent mute function.

  • Handheld microphones are equipped with lithium battery for long time use.

  • Suitable for KTV rooms and stages.


Power Supply: UHF500-980MHz (set by factory)

Bandwidth: 30MHz

Channel Bandwidth:300KHz

Dynamic Range:96dB


Frequency Response: 30Hz-20KHz +-2dB

Signal/Noise:96 dB

Receiving Sensitivity: -95 dBm

Supply voltage: DC12V 1A



Carrier Frequency:UHF500-980MHz (set by factory)

Bandwidth: 30MHz

Frequency: IR SYNC

Output power:10mW

Harmonic: <-50 dBc

Battery: 1 piece of 18500 lithium battery

Output power:10mW

Battery life: >8H

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